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Food Insecurity Is On The Rise

BFDB providing local support to our veterans

Bella's Food Drive stopped by local food pantry Rose's Bounty on Saturday 04/25/2020 to deliver  a $1000.00 donation to help support their Disabled Veteran Program that provides necessary staples every Friday. Rose's Bounty reported by social media last week that they have had a dramatic increase in customers due to the pandemic and were running low on food to give. We are grateful to have the resources from our supporters to give to these valuable programs. If you can, please reach out to support your local programs now as food insecurity is on the rise.  You can volunteer your time or donate funds to Rose's Bounty through this link 


About Us


How We Got Our Start

At our core, is the fundamental belief that everybody in this world should have access to nutritious healthy food. In this modern day, there is no reason that anyone should go without. 


At 8 years old Isabella Matthews  watched an episode on The Food Network that changed her life. A run-down New Jersey food pantry was being renovated to help feed those in need. Isabella was taken back by the idea that some people did not have enough food to eat. She simply did not understand that some people have trouble making ends meet and struggle to put food on the table.  After learning that 1 in 10 people do not have enough to eat, she decided to take action.  Bella decided that she was going to ask her family and friends for money to go shopping and donate the food to those in need. 

Since its inception in 2012, Bella's Food Drive has grown to include food drives, fundraising and community service. In 2018 Isabella began an awareness campaign to educate people about the importance of giving back through various speaking engagements and organizing a Walk For Hunger team. In 2019 she expanded the program to include in-store drives with a "beneficiary of the day" format.  By recruiting and organizing the volunteers she is planting this critical seed of awareness in our youth that will be sure to help create a legacy of mindful young people who can keep the message simple and clear that..."Everyone Deserves To Eat!"


Food Drives

Our core operation is our Annual Holiday Food Drive. With a grassroots network of family and friends we have provided over 20,000 nutritious meals as of the end of 2018. 

 In 2019 we launched our in-store program to hold "Beneficiary of the Day" food drives. A local pantry will directly benefit from the days donations at select supermarkets.

Every year we work to continue expanding our list of donors.  With your help we will continue to provide those thousands of meals to those in need.  Our beneficiaries have been the Greater Boston Food Bank and it's nearly 600 member agencies, Rose's Bounty of West Roxbury, Catholic Charities of Boston, Dedham Food Pantry, The Roslindale Food Pantry, The Fisher House and Food For Free of Cambridge.



The Bella's Food Drive fundraising operation accelerates our ability to help. It produces the important revenue needed to support local programs that fight hunger and poverty in general. We turn to local companies, corporations and sports franchises for help. Isabella's vision of assisting those in need is ever evolving. With each year that passes, our 14 year old founder sets the bar higher. We pledge that 100%  of your donations less operating expenses will go straight to those in need.  We are volunteer operated and take no salaries.  

Out in the community


Bella visited with students in November 2019 at St Theresa of Avila to promote community service and discuss how to get involved.


The students had so many questions and ideas which led to a great discussion. We are excited to hear where their ideas take them. 

Food Drive at Roche Bros. Saturday 09-14-19 9-3



We are happy to report that the food drive was a HUGE SUCCESS!

Enormous thanks goes out to Roche Brothers for their hospitality and support.  

Benefiting The West Roxbury Food Pantry - Rose's Bounty 

Bella's Food Drive will be at Roche Brothers in West Roxbury from 9a-3p Saturday 09-14-2019 collecting food for our local food pantry. Please drop your donations at our table after you do your food shopping right in front of the store.

What We Need

Non-perishables, canned goods, pasta, cereal.

Beneficiary of the Day

Each of our in-store food drives this year will feature a different local food pantry. Your donations will make a direct impact in your community.

Rose's Bounty-West Roxbury Food Pantry

Located in the Stratford Street Church, Rose's Bounty provides critical assistance to those in need in West Roxbury. Please visit their website to learn more about the great things they are doing for the community. 


Food Drives

Food Drives

Food Drives

Look for us out and about at local supermarkets. Events planned for FALL 2019. 



Food Drives

Food Drives

Spreading the word and inspiring youth to get out there and help others.



Food Drives


100% of your donations go directly to the food pantries we support. Donate today!

Everyone Deserves To Eat!

Please consider a donation today.

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How to Donate Food

Donating to Bella's Annual Food Drive

Bella's Food Drive depends on food donations from many different sources. We begin collecting from our donors around the beginning of October each year.  With so many other charities providing for holiday meal drives, we choose to make an impact for the other 50 weeks of the year. We sort and store all non-perishable food items and usually deliver to our beneficiaries right after the first of the year.  We are happy to do our part by picking up donations. Please contact us directly through the web page or call (617)678-6812  to schedule.


How to Donate Funds with Paypal

The buying power of a single dollar

Each year fundraising sources become more and more diverse. 

The buying power of your donations provides 3 pounds of food for each $1 that is donated.  That ability to really stretch a dollar is what makes the difference. 

Please take the time to donate here through the Paypal tab!



Nally Award Winner at GBFB

Nally Award Winner at GBFB

Nally Award Winner at GBFB


November 9 2017- With Governor Baker and Mayor Walsh in attendance, Isabella was honored by the Greater Boston Food Bank with The Nally Award. She was recognized for her dedication to ending hunger. The GBFB is our largest recipient of donations to date because they distribute to over 550 hunger relief organizations in Eastern MA.

The Early Years

Nally Award Winner at GBFB

Nally Award Winner at GBFB


2012-The picture that started it all! 

First year food drive raised a humble 189 pounds of food that was donated to Catholic Charities of Boston in time for Thanksgiving.  With positive results, Bella decided she would try to raise the bar to 300 pounds the following year and see what happens!

Volunteer Work

Nally Award Winner at GBFB

Making Deliveries


Putting in hours helping to pack nutritious food for those in need.

Assembly line teamwork getting the job done. 420 care packs were put together in 2 hours.

Making Deliveries

Sorting Food at Home

Making Deliveries


Packing up our cars to make deliveries to The Fisher House at the VA Hospital West Roxbury - circa 2014. Specifically included this year were things like toiletries to keep operating costs down  for The Fisher House which provides a place to stay for visiting family members of Veterans having surgeries.

Sorting Food at Home

Sorting Food at Home

Sorting Food at Home


Sorting through donations on Christmas Eve 2017.  Preparing for delivery. During the Fall and early Winter we are hard at work sorting and packing up your donations. Our collection season seems to get longer each year! No rest for the weary.

Raising Awareness

Sorting Food at Home

Sorting Food at Home


Spreading the word to 5th graders at St Theresa of Avila in West Roxbury, MA.

St. T's is Bella's alma mater and her biggest supporter. Collection boxes in the classrooms raise hundreds of pounds of food each year. St Theresa's has embraced Bella's vision and has been onboard since day 1.  

2017 Nally Award Winner

November 9, 2017 before a packed house at The GBFB. 

2018 Big Reveal

Nick Saltalamacchia reporting. Check out this great video


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Everyone deserves to eat!

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